My name is Sarah Hames, and that’s a picture of my home.   We live in Friendswood, TX, where one third of the families flooded.  My neighborhood and subdivision were devastated by this storm.  I set up this page to post updates on my post-flood journey and also to consolidate some donation information for out of state friends who wish to help.  More info coming soon.  You can follow me on Facebook under Sarah Hames.  Lots of Harvey posts there.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dear Sarah, just watched your great Les Harveyables, I would expect it will go hugely viral.
    Just saw this comment, a CBS station is interested. Hi Sarah, this is Stephanie Lorenzo with CBS News in New York. This is such a great performance. Can we use this video on our platforms (social, affiliate, broadcast) with credit to you? If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at lorenzos@cbsnews.com thank you!
    Ethel, Houstonian in Egypt (my brother lives in West Houston)


  2. Absolutely amazing you and your friends are soooo talented. I wish I could help but I am short on funds. Such a great group and perfect song. God bless .thank you for doing this.


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