If you would like to help people in Houston who have suffered from Hurricane Harvey we recommend the following organizations

Here is an article about selecting your charity:

How To Really Help Hurricane Harvey Victims (And Be Careful Where You Donate) – Commentary

National Organizations:

This is my #1 recommendation for donations.  If you don’t live in Houston you have probably never heard of Mattress Mac.   He does a tremendous amount for the city of Houston, opened up all his stores for emergency shelters, and has teams out cleaning houses.  I have absolutely no doubt that every penny he raises will go to those who need it most.   You can see a new story about him here   If he ever runs for president everyone in Houston will vote for him.

Samaritan’s Purse

This organization has been very active down here during the storm.

Mercy Chefs

This organization is serving free meals every day just a few blocks from my home and I know they are also in other areas of Houston.



Friendswood Families

This Facebook page is for people to post their gofundme accounts and donation requests.


Brazosport has been severely affected by releases from reservoirs- there are people such as my brother who still cannot access their homes which have been underwater for over a week.



These are people I know personally

Whitney Nolder and family

You can see Whitney holding her daughter while singing the Valjean part in the video.   Her other two small children are also seen in the video with her husband.  Whitney and her family had to escape their house by boat and are currently in limbo as their house was a rental.  Even though they have lived in the home for many years they have no say in how it is repaired, and aren’t eligible for FEMA for the all of the things they lost.   They are displaced and trying to find housing.

Jamaica Jenny

Jamaica owns the t-shirt store next to my music studio and lost her home.  She and her husband are both self employed and had no flood insurance- most of Harvey’s victims were out of the flood zone and so had no flood insurance.


Kawanna Holmann

Kawanna teaches piano at my studio. Her fiancee Jose recently lost his mother.  They drove all the way to NY and brought back her furniture.  It was in their garage and was completely destroyed.  They live in second story apartment so were Ok, but they also lost their car.   If anyone has a resource for a usable car for her please contact me through the “contact” page.  She’s been on a waiting list for a rental since the storm.  No one down here has any cars available.  I set up this GoFundMe for her.